A new conception of work!

Give your employees a flexible way to schedule their office journey, remote working and more! Manage your policies, workspaces and resources efficiently, and have a 360° view!

Workpoint In Short

WorkPoint platform offers an efficient set of features that help you overcome the increasing challenges of hybrid working methods, by offering human-centric tools for flex office and flex working in general. WorkPoint meets employees’ expectations with the guarantee of good governance and cost control.
Employees can schedule their work journey, by submitting remote working requests and by booking work resources when they plan to come to office. The Back-office manages all policies, workspaces and resources, and the management keeps an eye on the employees' schedules and have access to a complete dashboard.

The solution

What is WorkPoint really?

Mobile App

WorkPoint mobile App lets employees submit requests, be informed of the processing status, find and book resources easily, from anywhere. They can visualize their calender and floor plans to find a desk or a parking spot.

Web console

Admins can configure employees' profiles and policies (workplace and resources accesses, travel, vacation, etc.). They can also manage workplaces and resources. Back-office agents can process employees' requests and apply internal policies.

Floor plans

Makes way finding easier. Resources searching and booking is more comfortable


Dashboards for policies application and employees, resources and workspaces insights for more efficiency and a better decision making.


Why WorkPoint?

More efficiency

With good work scheduling and workspaces management

Modern and smart workplace

Makes work flexible, especially with the rise of hybrid and agile work modes

Better employees experience

Easy office journey scheduling

Large administration and back-office features

Policies, organization, workspaces and resources management, in addition to digitalized requests processing.


spaces utilization and occupancy, work modes, business travels, expenses, employees behavior and more

Cost reduction

Real estate costs optimization and good policies application

Simple use case

How does it work for booking a desk for example?

Book a desk

Let's say that you want to book a desk (or for example, a parking place, a car). You can easily pick an available desk from a zone map and book it!


Scan the QR Code on your booked desk, and it's done, you are checked-in! When you leave, don't forget to scan again to check-out and free your desk!

Web console

Have an access to realtime maps and a dashboard with some insights. It also lets you do some configuration operations and manage entreprise resources and schedules.

Mobile Application

Discover some of WorkPoint mobile app screens!


Web console

Check our latest work

Resources management

Admin console

Real time Maps

Admin console


Admin console

User's calendar

Users web interface

Requests status

Users web interface




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